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Save Time and Expenses

Free up you and your staff and let us do the mundane tasks.

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No Need to Hire Extra Staff

We understand that businesses can get overwhelmed at times and another staff member may not be the best option. Well we are here to take the stress out of your day, if you need an extra hand for 1hr or 40hrs, we’ve got your back. Ask TextDan assistants for support.

Save Cash Every Time

The average staff member is only productive 3hrs per day. You pay us to be productive, reduce that 8 hour grind to 3hrs of absolute production. Averaging a yearly save of over $23,000 per year.

Not just for the Boss

Whether you are a CEO, an office manager or a travelling sales person, we can help you save time and money. Our team is guaranteed to make you more productive. We would love to help you understand more. Get in touch today.

Starting at $0.40 per minute

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Don’t Stress With Those Daily Tasks

Here are a few of the common tasks our clients trust us to take care of for them